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1. Cereal Box Crafts: Notepads

cereal box crafts notepad

Recycle your cardboard boxes to make a hard cover for your notepad or scrap paper.

Click here for instructions.

2. DIY Cookie Basket

DIY cookie basket

If you have any leftover paper plates from parties, you can turn them into a fancy basket!

Get instructions here.

3. T-Shirt Upcycle: Double Coloured Top


Recycle used clothes and combine them into an entirely new design!

Access the instructions here.

4. Print on Wood

Print on wood

Add a touch of uniqueness to a plank of plain wood with just wax paper – get instructions here.

5. Day Planner Hack

diy day planner hack

A little more sophisticated than the cereal notepad idea – get instructions here.

6. DIY Sweater Pillows – Cozy Up!


Make a pillow case from your old sweater! – get instructions here.

7. Necktie Zip Pouch

DIY necktie zip pouch

Turn a used necktie into something useful – get instructions here.

8. Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve

diy reversible coffee cup sleeve 1

Get instructions here.

9. DIY Jewelry from T-Shirts

diy jewelry from t shirts

15 ways to turn your unwanted clothing into fashion accessories – get instructions here.

10. DIY Photo Pendant

DIY Photo Pendant

Create a pendant that holds great meaning! – get instructions here.

11. Geometric Coasters


Get instructions here.

12. Desk Caddy

diy desk caddy

Get organised with this inexpensive desk caddy, just remember to keep all your cereal boxes.

Access instructions here.

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