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Many didn’t drive immediately after getting the license. Well, there’s either no car for us to drive (particularly in Singapore where cars are really expensive) or there’s the fear of driving. We no longer have someone next to us who can step on the brakes to help us, we are on our own. It’s very easy to get flustered in such situations.

For me, it was just days before my school starts that I passed the test and could drive on the road as a qualified driver and already I needed to drive to school. My parents tagged along for the first 3 or 4 times and then I was on my own. Driving alone was nerve-wrecking for me, then I found that having music accompanying me throughout the journey kind of relieve my stress.

A month after getting the license…

It’s been a month since passing my driving test and I have been driving twice every week. From my house to my hostel in my university and then back when the week’s over. It’s great that my dad has a spare company car for me to drive so I didn’t have to spend more than an hour of train and bus ride home.

So all was supposedly to go well until that night when I drove to school. I was driving into the parking lot already and thought I was in position and it’s time to step on the brake. But I didn’t know my foot was placed on the accelerator instead of the brake. So I stepped on the “brake” lightly and the next thing I hear was the engine revving up. SHIT! The car was already moving forward and there was no time to brake my car before it hit the wall. At least in my mind there was no time, the concept of emergency brake was long gone when there really is emergency LOL. But really, it’s just a 30cm gap from the wall…

So the only thing I know was to brace myself for the impact. God was the impact loud! By then I already had my foot on the brake, and I looked around in case someone saw my embarrassing deed. There was no one around but around 10 parking lots from mine, there’s a gathering of people. They didn’t turn to see though, so maybe the BANG was amplified in my vehicle and was not very loud in actuality.

Reversing my car, to back away from the wall, I already want to get out to check on my car. Luckily, my brain is still intact to tell my hands to engage the parking gear and not maintain the reverse or go to driving gear in the auto car, there would be another collision. LOL.

So I got out and was very relieved to see the top has not even a scratch but when I look downward, my plastic car plate is shattered. Gosh!!! And the hard concrete wall was rough so it kinda scarred my car. T^T

To my university, the wall at the parking lot was very hard and tough so the collision didn’t even leave a scratch on the white wall. So if you found an accident site, it’s not me.

So my reaction after finding my car plate broke was to call someone, an adult who will not freak but will assure me that it’s okay. But in my mind, everything was wrong. How I felt like I’m gonna get a panic attack or just cry out loud.

So I called my mum. My mum response was,

Mum: “oh it’s okay. Not a big deal.”

Me: “Huh? Really? But the car plate broke!”

Mum: “yup, it’s okay.”

Me: “Ohh…. Okay…”

Then hang up.

Maybe she doesn’t know how bad the state of the car plate is in or that there’s scars on the car now so I took a photo and sent it to her. And her response was totally cool,

“is okay, dear. :-)”

Okay…. So it solved the problem how I’m gonna answer to my parents because if one side says it’s okay, the other side shouldn’t be that hard to handle, if you know what I mean.

So I didn’t tell how freaked I was about that collision, so the only people I can turn to are my friends. So I whatsapp quite a few of my friends in an effort to calm myself by talking it out. I was really doubtful of my driving capabilities, lol. To mix up brake and accelerator. At least it happened with a wall, not a person.

After 3 hours or so, I whatsapp my dad the picture and told him that I hit the car against a wall. The next morning I saw his reply:

(All emoji) A smiley face and 3 trophies.

Okay, my dad wasn’t mad.

But I was not confident in driving again so it was dreadful when weekends come along and I had to drive back.

A week after the little accident

I started the car and while reversing, I heard some nasty noise. Well, it wasn’t a big deal was it? Then I got out of the parking lot and started driving forward, the noise only got louder and more persistent. When I was exiting the carpark and had to turn, it made such noise that I thought my car had really broken down. It didn’t help that in the car, the noise is amplified ten folds. LOL

So I got out of the car and saw that the metal plate is actually touching the wheel and thus the noise generation which is worse when I had to turn the wheel.

Metal plate touching car wheel
Metal plate touching car wheel

By now you should have realised I get scared easily. Lol. My dad told me over the phone to push the metal plate black with some metal rod or something but there’s obviously none of those in my surroundings. So it’s easier said than done.

Luckily my sister crash my place that day and together we spent 2 hours trying to push the metal plate to its original position. (We kick, knock it with some padlock, used a broom as a lever which almost broke and more kicking) We could only do a minimal…unfortunately.

After 2 hours, with kicking and knocking it with metal padlock, lol
After 2 hours, with kicking and knocking it with metal padlock, lol

By then, we were exhausted and wanted to go back already. But I knew pushing the metal piece back this much wasn’t enough because when it comes to turning, there’s going to be noise too. But my sister from outside said it was okay and there wasn’t much noise when I was reversing slowly. So we decided that this was enough and it was time to go home.

She got into the passenger seat and when we were driving off she said “ohh haha, now I know why you were so scared.” The noise from the wheels was still amazingly loud! I seriously wouldn’t have driven that car if my sister wasn’t with me T^T But lol, after hearing the amplified grinding noise in the car, she was scared too. HAHA

So, lesson learnt. Be very attentive when driving:)

P.S. If you haven’t taken your driving test, you can read this post that I wrote:)

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