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There are two types of students – one prints out the notes and the other goes digital. I’m the type who prints out my notes as it’s easier to take down notes and I’m a slow typer who can’t multitask. Most who print out their notes use school printing services which costs 5 cents for each monochrome page. In the long run, it’s really cheaper to get your own printer. When I tell my friends that, they give me the “HUH!?” look. Of course I know ink cartridges out there are expensive (people often say printer ink is more expensive than our blood) but I’m talking about those high quality non-original compatible ink cartridges as an alternative.

Many often think that non-original ink are inferior and results in bad quality or spoil the printer. but that’s not true. I have used non-original ink as soon as I got a Brother printer for myself back when studying in secondary school and have no problem with the ink whatsoever. There are also many stores in Singapore offering really cheap ink that costs as low as $3 but they don’t teach you on the method of refilling – you are left on your own so you have to choose where you get you ink from wisely too.

Why buy a printer? (if you don’t already have one)

In JC, lecture notes are printed in bulk for the class so we still have to pay but those optional practices that teachers upload are up to you to use or print. In such cases, you don’t have to queue in your school printing shop especially during the peak period for PW submission. And as I have mentioned earlier, it saves cost in the long run.

I’m a university student now and I really have to practically print everything from lecture notes to tutorials to practices for every single subject; so getting a printer doesn’t just last the 2-3 years you are in JC.

Printer problems

There’s this very common problem with printers that is, if you don’t use it for quite some time, when you print something again, the print quality is so bad. It’s because the ink at the printer head had dried up, sometimes you can still save the printer by doing printer head cleaning or bring it to professionals to do it but there’s a way NOT to go through all this hassle.

Benefits of Brother printers

As a student, we have long breaks as well so we might not need to print anything in this period and the ink will dry up in this time. But a particular brand of printer wouldn’t let that happen –  Brother printers automatically do periodic head cleaning when the power is left on. Leaving the power on is wasting electricity but for the time when it is not in use or doing their printer head cleaning, it is on energy saving sleep mode.

In Singapore (because I don’t know about other brands that are not sold in Singapore), only Brother printers do the automatic head cleaning.

When you have used up a particular colour for eg. cyan, and you are in a rush to print a monochrome page, Brother printers will allow you to print. There are some printers out there that don’t allow us to print anything at all once a colour has been used up even though the colour we want is still of high volume in the printer. Haiz, the frustration.

Brother ink cartridges are also the easiest to refill! You just have to squeeze the bottle of ink to fill the cartridge with ink so it’s like refilling you water bottle with water, very simple.

Already own a printer

You can always check with related stores if your printer model could be refilled. Most are able to!

Where to get ink?

I would recommend getting it from Singink as they not only provide high quality ink, they provide very detailed step-by-step video tutorial to refill your ink cartridge. So you don’t have to to worry getting confused and alone when you are new to this because you can always give them a call and they are always willing to help you even over the phone after the sale.

Have tried refilling and it’s the worst?

In the past, refilling your ink cartridge can get really, really dirty. With syringes and whatnot, luckily I didn’t have to go through that. And if you are not keen to experience it again even if syringes are not often used nowadays to refill – Singink doesn’t use it anymore – you can always bring your empty cartridges down to their outlets and have them do the work for you (it’s still at a low cost – you can always give them a call to inquire the price).

If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave a comment below:)

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