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Are you nervous for your upcoming driving test? Worried you would forget something like checking blind spot and got 4 points? Failing to signal? Which is another 4 points earned. There are certainly not many 4 points to waste! And if you haven’t gotten enough parking practices, there might be chance that you forgot the steps because you are anxious.

Just the other day, while queuing in the circuit for my turn to practice my parking, I saw an examiner rushing the learner out of the parking lot (presumably, not to inconvenience the other test car giving way to them). The girl looked flustered and turned her steering wheel too early, resulting in her back wheel mounting the kerb. My instructor was watching too, and said “that’s immediate failure”.

I really want to pass my driving test, and so are you if you are reading this post. The list below is a must to drill it into our heads so we won’t commit the mistakes that earn us really crazy points. Btw, I’m learning to drive a manual car but many of the tips apply to both manual and auto car.

In the circuit:

S course– drive really, really slowly. Drive in 1st gear and regulate your speed by controlling your clutch. Clutch in fully to reduce the speed even further, don’t use the brake to help you slow down.

Crank course– Same as S course. Turn your steering wheel (full lock) when the corner of the kerb reaches half of the front car door. After making the first turn, QUICKLY straighten your car then prepare to make a full lock turn again at the next 90 degrees turn- again at half door mark.

Slope– Stop at the stop line on the slope and pull up your handbrake really high up, you don’t want your car to risk rolling up. (I usually use two hands, I’m a girl lol) Step on the accelerator and release the clutch while keeping an eye at the dashboard to look out for the elevation. Once you see the dashboard has gone up slightly against the background,

  1. maintain that foot position,
  2. signal,
  3. check to see if there is another car next to you that is moving off
  4. if none or they are not moving off yet,
  5. release handbrake and drive off
  6. use engine brake
  7. then step on foot brake (to slow the car down enough to stop at the stop line)

Vertical Parking– Position your car 1.5m away from the parking or near the centre line. Engage reverse gear then check side mirrors and blindspots. You are also required to turn your head to look at the back (the rearview mirror is not enough!)

  1. Turn full lock to the left when you have reached the turning point while driving very slowly. For me, I turn just when the rear vent glass has passed the corner of the parking lot – this corner would be where your right back wheel will go when you have entered the parking lot. But this method depends how you position your driver seat.
  2. If your car is too near to the left, straighten your wheels by turning right (I always get messed up on which direction I need to turn lol) then continue to reverse until you see that the left back door handle has passed the kerb in your left side mirror. Then full lock to the left again.
  3. Once your car is parallel to the kerb in the side mirror, quickly straighten your wheels and look over your shoulder at the back while still reversing. Then stop and pull the handbrake.
  4. If your car is too near to the right, engage first gear and move off slowly while straightening your wheels real quick. [When parking, if you turn your steering wheel while your car is stationary, you will earn points] Just drive forward for a bit, and engage reverse gear again. Release your clutch slowly while mad turning your steering wheel full lock to the left to enter the parking lot. Then follow step 3.
  5. Moving out- Signal then only turn the steering wheel when half the car has exited the parking lot

Parallel Parking

  1. Position your car near the kerb
  2. Signal
  3. Check blindspot
  4. Engage reverse gear
  5. Reverse till the front door car handle is in line with corner of the parking lot in the left side mirror,
  6. Turn steering wheel full lock to the left
  7. (this step is actually a cheat code) Straighten your wheels when you see the next colour block of the parking lot appear in the right side mirror.
  8. Stop and adjust your right side mirror enough to see your back wheel
  9. Reverse until the right back wheel is sitting in top of the yellow line
  10. Then full lock to the right
  11. Remember to turn your head to the back to check
  12. Pay attention of your back wheel in the side mirror to avoid striking the kerb
  13. Engage first gear to move forward and to straighten your front wheels by turning left
  14. Moving out- Reverse until the back wheels are really close to the kerb then adjust your right side mirror to see the road. Signal, engage first gear and move off while full lock to the right

I’m a CDC learner and these are the cheat code for parking, I don’t know about other schools though.

Driving along the road:

  1. Always signal and check blindspot when turning
  2. Especially lane changing, remember to cancel signal
  3. Be confident during lane change and accelerate into the next lane.
  4. Keep left unless turning right


And finally, good luck to all taking your driving test! 😀

Here’s a link to 10 things people forget when taking driving exam

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